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Car air conditioning services and repairs for all systems

At FD Mechanics, we are capable of servicing and repairing either the old R134A or new 1234YF systems. If your car is older than 2017, it will use the R134A gas whereas more modern cars are fitted with 1234YF systems. If your system is leaking, cracked or just needs a recharge of vital refrigerant gas, we can help! So, for drivers in the Ewell, Epsom or Stoneleigh area, book an appointment with us today.

Our servicing process

Even if you only book an air conditioning recharge, we will check the mechanical workings of the system as standard. This is so you don’t waste money refilling a broken system. If there is a crack in the refrigerant tank, the gas will escape much quicker than it should. This may leave you with the same problem soon after the repair. Here at FD Mechanics, our air conditioning services check every aspect of your car’s system in detail before removing the old refrigerant gas and replacing it with fresh gas. We keep you informed every step of the way and guarantee a 12-month parts and labour warranty on every repair.

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The ideal time to book your car’s air conditioning service

Your refrigerant gas has a useful life of about 2 years, so we would recommend recharging it at this interval. However, your car’s air con system can develop problems at any time. If you notice a musty smell in the cabin or your air conditioning doesn’t work or it only blows warm air, then it’s certainly worth booking a service with FD Mechanics. The sooner you solve the problem, the more comfortable your driving will be.

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We offer a free online booking tool 24/7, 365 days a year to make it easy for you to book an air conditioning service or repair. Just enter your registration number and when you need a service to secure a slot. Our friendly team will then contact you to confirm your appointment. This may be by phone, email, text or Whatsapp message, whichever is most convenient for you.

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