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FD Mechanics is an MOT test centre and car mechanic based near Kingswood or Hooley. We pride ourselves on our quality and customer service and always provide a friendly, reliable, and cost-effective service.

Our local mechanics are highly trained and work with the latest diagnostic tools. We can inspect your car and provide a clear and concise response around the best way to fix it. We work with all types of cars, vans, 4x4s, and other vehicles.

  • Our local car mechanics are available all year round for MOT and servicing, car repairs, diagnostics and more.
  • Our local garage can offer you a 12-month part and labour warranty for your peace of mind.
  • We offer flexible appointment times so we can service your car at a convenient time that works for you.
  • Fully equipped workshop with specialist-level diagnostic equipment.

To request a free quote, please contact 020 8393 6040.

Kingswood car mechanic

Mechanic in Kingswood

Choose our MOT test centre near Hooley

Hundreds of cars pass their MOT test near Hooley and Kingswood at FD Mechanics. Our MOT testing is designed to suit all drivers, and we can test diesel and petrol vehicles. Our trained testers will ensure your vehicle is tested to the highest possible standards.

All vehicles over the age of three years or more are required to undergo an annual MOT test. Our MOT testers will check your vehicle and make sure it meets the standards set out by the DVLA so it is roadworthy and legal.

What do MOTs test in Kingswood?

Our MOT tests in Kingswood cover a number of standard checks, looking at registration plates, lights, indicators, steering, suspension, seatbelts, brakes, tyres, and mirrors, amongst other things.

After any test, we can tell you if your car has passed or failed, and if your car has passed, your certificate will be valid for one year. We can also quote for any repair work to bring your car up to standard.

Why car servicing in KT20 is important

Why is vehicle servicing in Kingswood important? Regular car servicing and maintenance are essential to safeguarding your vehicle’s performance. Any car servicing will identify any faults or potential problems before they result in your car breaking down or expensive repairs. Regular servicing can also offer peace of mind that your car is in a safe and roadworthy condition.

Many people think they are saving money by not servicing their car, but this is not the case. Regular servicing will not only save you money on expensive car repair bills further down the line, but it will ensure your car is running efficiently, so you save money on fuel costs. It will also improve your car’s lifespan, making it more likely to last longer.

Cost-effective Kingswood car repairs

Has your car failed its MOT? Perhaps something is not running correctly, and you need it looked at? If something is wrong with your car in Kingswood, our car mechanics will diagnose any problem and fix it as quickly as possible.

We provide a diagnostic and repair service for all makes and models of cars and light vehicles. We can look at all parts of your car, including clutches, brakes, suspension, air conditioning, engines, steering, batteries, and other mechanical repairs.

We always give clear and transparent quotes for any car repairs and can advise you regarding the timeline.

Car diagnostics in Kingswood

The level of complexity of cars has changed dramatically over the years, and they are now more like computerised machines. As each model evolves, they become more technology-based.

Our mechanics have the tools and equipment to test a wide range of makes, models, and electronic systems. Car diagnostics will increase safety levels by ensuring the minor problems are dealt with quickly and effectively and will offer peace of mind and costly repairs.

Our trusted car mechanics come highly recommended throughout the nearby areas – see our reviews.

Expert garage & motor services in Kingswood

We offer a wide range of garage and motor services in Kingswood. These include brakes and clutches, air conditioning services, gearbox repairs and replacements and all general garage work.

We are highly dedicated and responsive when it comes to all motor services. We can quickly diagnose and repair any problems and are proud of the reputation that we have forged with our local customers.

Tyre replacement in Kingswood

Do you need replacement tyres in Kingswood? Do you have damaged or dangerous tyres? We supply and fit new tyres from leading manufacturers. All UK tyres require a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm across the central three-quarter of the tread around the complete circumference of the tyre.

No matter how careful you are with your tyres, they will not last forever. Tyres must be replaced at periodic intervals so you can drive on the roads safely. We can fit all types of car tyres, 4 x 4 tyres, winter tyres and van tyres. Our experienced tyre fitters always offer the most cost-effective service.

Our full range of vehicle services in Kingswood

We offer a complete range of car MOTs, car servicing, car diagnostics and more.

  • MOTs: The law requires that everyone that uses a vehicle on the road must ensure that it is in a roadworthy condition and safe.

    This yearly check is called an MOT, and we are an MOT test centre that can test all makes and models of cars.

  • Car Maintenance: Maximise the lifespan and value of your car with regular car maintenance.

    Our technicians can service cars of all makes and models using the latest tools and diagnostic techniques.

  • Car Diagnostics: Reduce the risk of car repairs with advanced car diagnostics.

    Here at FD Mechanics, we can offer our customers the latest in car diagnostics to ensure their car is roadworthy and safe.

  • Brake Repairs: If you are concerned that your brakes are not working correctly, you must get your car checked out by a professional mechanic.

    We can inspect, repair, and replace brakes and brake pads where necessary.

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles: We can service, repair and check all hybrid and electric vehicles.

    Our technicians undergo regular training and are fully trained to use the latest equipment.

  • Replacement Tyres and Exhausts: We stock a complete range of tyres from quality brands and can supply and fit tyres to suit your vehicle and budget.

    If you are concerned about your tyres, we can complete a tyre inspection and advise whether a replacement is necessary.

  • Fleet Management: At FD Mechanics, we pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with other businesses, including educational institutions.

    We can maintain all fleets to ensure they are roadworthy and in good condition.

  • Vehicle Air Conditioning: Most vehicles now have air conditioning as standard, requiring regular servicing.
    This includes a system pressure check, vent temperature check, air quality check, and recommended levels check.

  • Lease Car Servicing: If you are looking for a local and independent garage for leased car servicing, we can carry out all servicing according to manufacturers’ specifications. We will help to protect your warranty.

  • Local Car Repairs: Our expert mechanics provide comprehensive vehicle maintenance and repair services to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Simply call the office to book in your car for a service, MOT or repair. We can even collect your vehicle from your home or office in Kingswood!

Our 90+ Google Reviews are testament to our great customer service & expert car repair technicians.

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We also complete MOTs in Cheam and car servicing in Worcester Park.